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CBR motor theorie leren.

The motorcycle theory is formulated and geared towards the CBR exam requirements. To give you an idea, the precise CBR requirements and categories from which the CBR formulates its exams are given below.

CBR theory test categories.

  1. General provisions traffic legislation
  2. Provisions driving qualifications and driving licenses
  3. Equipment, loading and towing of vehicles
  4. Mechanics, maintenance and checking of vehicles
  5. Use of seatbelts and the passenger seat
  6. Environmentally-aware and energy-efficient driving
  7. The condition of the driver
  8. The features and condition of the vehicle
  9. The presence and behaviour of other traffic
  1. The road, visibility and weather conditions
  2. Actions in the event of accidents and breakdowns en route
  3. Giving way at junctions
  4. Giving way when turning
  5. Giving way to people with disabilities and pedestrians
  6. Police, ambulance, fire service, military convoys and trams
  7. Special manoeuvres
  8. Position on the road and getting in lane
  1. Overtaking
  2. Speed
  3. Stopping and parking
  4. Symbols, signs and hazard triangle
  5. Use of lights
  6. Traffic signs
  7. Traffic lights and indications
  8. Traffic symbols on the road

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