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Traffic data (Automatically Generated Information)

Traffic data is generated when your device connects to our website and is not sufficient alone to identify you. We may collect the following information: the origin of the connection, IP address, the type and the version of your internet browser, the length of the connection, etc. These data may be used for statistical purposes, to analyse the traffic to and on our website (the most and least visited pages, activity each day and hour, etc.). Traffic data is processed anonymously.


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Information is stored in the cookies (such as the settings of your PC and preferences that you have stated), to make it easier to use our website the next time you visit).This information does not include your name or address or other personal details. You can set your browser to not receive cookies the next time you visit our website. However, by disabling cookies, you may not be able to use all features of our website, or you may not have access to (certain parts of) our website.

Personal data

You do not have to provide us with personally identifiable information to be able to browse our website. If we receive, collect and/or process any personal information, we will use that honestly and legitimately. We will never share your personal details with third parties.

Links to other sites and the theory assessment and learning system

Our website contains links to websites operated by third parties. If you use these links, you leave our website. This also applies to our learning and assessment environment, which is provided through a third party. Our website has no control over the websites or contents thereof (of third parties) that are linked to. A different privacy policy may apply when using the websites operated by third parties. We accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for (the operation and/or content of) websites of third parties. We advise that you read the privacy policy and/or statements of the other websites that you visit.

Our website is diligent in terms of providing visitors to the website with correct and up-to-date information; we are not, however, responsible, and cannot be held responsible, for information, data, programmes, etc. that you receive through our website (which may or may not be from third parties).

Information on our website

Although we make every effort to ensure that the information on our website is correct, complete, up-to-date and accurate, we cannot guarantee that this is always actually the case. For that reason, you may not derive any rights from the information on this website. Neither are we liable for damage caused by inaccuracies and/or outdated information. Should you come across any information, data and/or programmes for which you hold the copyright, we ask that you inform TheorieSucces of this.

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